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Buying a house from the builder: protection for the buyer and real purchase costs

What are the pros and is it true that there are “cons”?

Several times we have dedicated articles in our blog to tell you the difference between buying a new house compared to a used house. An extreme summary:

You can see it being born, from the project on paper rising into reality.

You can customize it during construction

You can take advantage of all the latest materials and technologies: anti-seismic, energy saving, quality and healthy air, rainwater recycling, living comfort, useful technology are just some of the advantages that a newly built house can offer you.

But is it true that there may also be contraindications?

In fact, there are many people who are wary of buying a new home due to lack of information and clichés. Buying a new home from a business can be risk-free if only a few but important tips are followed. We have been on the Bologna construction market for over 60 years and we think we can pass on some good advice and healthy habits to you.

There can be basically two situations:

We are in the case of a house that has just been completed, but is just waiting for a new owner. In this case there are no particular points of attention. We probably lose the opportunity to be able to customize the finishes or split up the rooms differently because everything has already been done. Ready for a notarial deed for the transfer of ownership. It doesn’t have many differences compared to buying a used house.

The project is still on paper and therefore the times from the planning phase to the real availability of the desired apartment are greatly extended, even 24 months or more.

Let’s focus in particular on this second hypothesis, the one that leaves more doubts and fears to those who are considering such a step.

It is quite frequent that the builder, in starting a new project, has already incurred important costs ranging from the purchase of the land or any building to be redeveloped, costs of starting up the works. To support these costs, he will probably have contracted debts with credit institutions by mortgaging the land covered by the project as collateral to the credit institution.

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