Instinctive buying and selling of homes

Because I can assure you of selling your home at the best price

That’s a bombastic statement, isn’t it? It might seem like we’re “shooting it big”.

Granted, that’s not the case.

We will demonstrate this to you by explaining the two concepts involved here very clearly , “insure” and “best price” , which are two of the pillars of our avant-garde real estate. You will get a double benefit:

You will see how solid this statement is , based on precise facts.

You’ll find out what’s behind the combination of guarantee – maximum profit . No fire sales, no catches, no false promises https://www.provisionhomes.com/we-buy-houses-nashville-tn/

Let’s begin.

It means the maximum economic value that the right buyer can recognize you for your home , in the specific moment taken into consideration.

Three deductions.

It is a practical concept . No theories on major systems, phantasmagorical calculations or approximations.

The best price, rather than a result, is the completion of a process that cannot ignore the general lines of the real estate market. So it refers to the context in which you are. The alternative is to trust in a better future, if there ever will be. You have two alternatives to reach your destination: throw yourself into the fray or choose a structured and safe path , which involves identifying the best price.

Right buyer

When starting the pricing mechanism, the very first step is understanding the target. The common mistake is to assume that anyone can choose your home, just a good dose of luck.

Your best buyers are only those with certain interests and needs. Imagine them and prefigure their thoughts, moves and motivations. In short, to sell effectively you need to build a buyer persona model , the portrait of the ideal buyer who embodies a specific segment of your audience.

Where do you currently live?

70% of the time those who buy already live nearby. So spread the news you want to sell in the condominium and throughout the surrounding area. It is plausible that the best buyer is there, a stone’s throw from your home.

Where do your loved ones live?

The benefit of being able to live close to loved ones is a real magnet. Contact the neighbors you know and inform them of your intention to sell, asking them to notify relatives and friends.

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