Old to new Tamil crime movies selected for you 2023

A good thriller with an interesting story is sure to attract almost every viewer. If you like watching thriller movies, you would already be searching for such movies online. Have you ever thought of getting access to a place where you can find a collection of thriller Tamil movies from old to new? Aha is what you are looking for, as it offers a wide collection of Tamil movies.

Aha, OTT is one of the best, all-in-one OTT platforms, streaming a diverse set of thriller movies. Not just thrillers, aha is streaming all other genres of movies, from which you can choose any you like. Do you like to know about some popular crime thrillers from old to new streaming on aha Tamil? Check out the following list of crime movies specially sorted out for aha users.

1.      Diary

Diary is a suspenseful crime thriller, which can also be considered a mystery thriller or horror thriller. A sub-inspector trainee takes over a 16-year-old unsolved case and tries to find out leads related to it. But to his surprise, some supernatural incidents occur, which help him solve the case. The occurrence of this incident is the main suspense of Diary, which will surely surprise the viewers. So what is this strange incident? If you are excited to know that, aha is wide open for you to watch this movie by taking a subscription. 

2.      Ayngaran

Ayngaran is an informative thriller that revolves around a clever scientist whose inventions are not recognized by the people. The film clearly shows the misfortunes faced by small inventors. Mathimaaran, a creative scientist, crosses paths with a gang of burglars, leading him to many troubles. He is already facing certain challenges while trying to use his inventions for society’s betterment. The next part of this story is about him trying to overcome all his troubles. Will he be able to popularize his inventions, or is everything a waste? How will he face the gang of burglars? It is up to you to watch this full movie on aha to know the whole story.

3.      Writer

Thangaraj is a writer at a police station who has spent most of all his service as a writer. Even though he has been on a mission to unionize the police department, it has been proven impossible. The main part of the story starts when he gets involved in a case where a college student is victimized (falsely accused). Being a truthful cop at the end of his service, he tries to help that student by finding the real culprit. Will he be able to save the young man? Who is the real culprit of that case? If you are interested in watching this exciting crime thriller visit aha OTT.

4.      Jail

Jail is an action thriller with the central character Karnan who fights for the lives of his people and strives to make a living. Karnan is a youngster thrown out of his village along with his childhood friends under the guise of resettlement. Later he gets engaged in minor crimes and related activities in a village. But his life becomes troubled after a cop starts to play a pawn game with him. So what happens next, and what fate awaits him?

5.      Aruvam

Aruvam is a horror and mystery thriller that revolves around a truthful food inspector Jagan and a primary school teacher Jyothi – with no sense of smell. The story starts with Jagan falling in love with Jyothi and certain romance parts. But the main event starts when Jagan fights even with his higher officials to enhance food safety. After that, a series of twists and suspense arises, which makes the movie interesting.

Watch all kinds of thriller Tamil movies from old to new on aha.

If you like watching Tamil thriller movies, it would be best to subscribe to aha OTT. Aha is filled with a collection of old to new Tamil movies, including action thrillers, crime thrillers, horror thrillers, and many others. So every aha user can enjoy watching an unlimited number of crime movies online based on their choice. Since there are separate sections for all genres of movies on aha, it would be easy to find a suitable one, even if you do not have any particular movie in mind.

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