Purpose Of Travelling

Travelling! It has different connotations for different people. For some, it is for work, for others, leisure and for some, emergencies. Let’s look at key aspects of travelling.

Increase in travel: It has been observed that there has been an increase in travel over the years.

 Reasons can be sited as below;

  • Technological advancement: Due to relevant and required information being easily available on the internet, people are exposed to a wider and varied span of travel. In addition, online bookings only further their scope of travelling and hence a rise in travel.
  • Better standard of living: As a result of rise in income of middle class, people want to enjoy life by exploring varied places through travelling.
  • Early retirement: In current times, people seem to be retiring at an average age of 55 years, which gives them enough time to travel.
  • Convenience of travelling: Due to faster and easier means of transportation, people can travel conveniently over the weekend in lesser time.
  • Propensity to take short and regular trips: People, many a times, are opting for shorter and frequent trips, as it seems economical and less time consuming.
  • Rise in advertising: Nowadays, Governments have realized that tourism is not only a driver of economic growth, but also, increases the social and cultural awareness among people, which entice them to travel.
  • Tourism expansion: Heritage and ecotourism throws light on tourist attractions, which increase travelling scope.


Benefits of travelling:

Along with economic growth for a country, the people benefit as below;

  • Gives a break from routine which helps in making the mind fresh, thus helping in better health.
  • Widens your horizons by exposing you to varied and different ways of living, different cultures and different cuisine.
  • Exposure to variety of visual heritage, monuments and culture, which broadens your knowledge and improves your skill, sets as well.
  • Creativity enhancement: One of the key advantages of travelling is that it takes you out of your comfort zone as new visuals create new stimuli and energizes your senses.
  • Confidence boost: Travelling, besides being fun-filled, encompasses certain roadblocks as well, which forces you to be resourceful and face those challenges, in turn, teaching you to cope with hindrances.
  • Realizing yourself: Travelling at times, makes you realize your own potential, your likes and dislikes and helps you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
  • When you travel, you make memories out of your personal experiences and at a later date marinate in those experiences, reliving them.
  • Travelling introduces you to new people, at times even have a connection with them and sometimes make life-long friends.

On the whole, travelling is not only beneficial to the government for economic growth, but also for individual personality and prosperity.

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