Words that can describe fashion

Fashion can be defined by trends, designers, styles, models, etc. Fashion is a way to express yourself. It is dynamic in nature and can be changed and modified from time to time. It shows individual preference and choices. Fashion can be considered a short-term phenomenon. We can also find differences in fashion between the young and old generations.

If we come on to clothes, then the latest examples are tie-dye dresses, skinny jeans, plain leggings, the cold shoulder, etc., which are not in fashion now a days. Fashion is not only related to clothes; it also includes shoes, electronics, jewelry, makeup, perfume, and hairstyles.

Why Fashion Changes 

Fashion changes because a large number of people are influenced by their role models: stars, actors, movies, and social media. These are all major reasons why fashion is rapidly changing. Fashion is not only changing or updating Western clothes; it also takes place in traditional clothes, which are also modified from time to time.

Environment, culture, and society are also important for an individual’s living style; people belonging to different cultures have different fashions. For example, the fashion in Goa is different from the fashion in Rajasthan, so it is also influenced by culture. Fashion is different for all kinds of ages and genders.


Ways In Which Fashion Is Introduced Into The Market 

Social media is most popular and influential in the market to introduce new fashion. It includes Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. It not only influences people but also shows real trends and their effects. Advertisement is the source of the introduction of new fashion.

Nowadays, people introduce their own style and fashion, and others are influenced by them. If we look at the latest example of fashion, it is Urfi Javed. She comes with her own unique style and fashion.

Importance Of Fashion 

Fashion is always important in everyone’s life because it keeps us updated and builds confidence among all. There are a number of courses available in fashion, like professional courses in fashion design and jewelry design, interior design, et cetera.

Not only clothes, but our home infrastructure is also going out of style, so after a long year we also have to update our interior and especially electronic items.

Fashion affects not only our personalities but also our living standards for ourselves and our families, our life styles, our moods, and our attitudes in public. But you do not need to leave your comfort zone; you can wear whatever makes you comfortable.

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